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Settlers without Bio and photos

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  1. bandler says:

    I would like to send you a bio of our family, (Bandler) and photos of our family in the DR from 1941 – 1945. I was surprised that the names were not on your list. My sister Anna and I (Barbara) were at the 50th anniversary reunion in 1990. We never received any further notifications after that event. I would very much like our family archival information to be included in the Museum. Those years had an enormous impact on our lives. Seem that after we came to the U. S. our parents were too busy making a life here, earning a living to make contact with other Sosuans, other refugees who spread out in the Dominican Republic as well as the U.S.

  2. sonja topf burian says:

    Mrs Bertha Ehrlich was the mother of Susi, Helga and Lilo Ehrlich. Susi, my mother married Elie Topf and became Leslie’s and my mother. Bertha left Sosua ca.1949 with her two daughters (my aunts)Helga and Lilo, settled in Great Neck, Long Island, where both daughters were married, becoming Helga Ballin and Lilo Jensen.

  3. jacqui klein says:

    My grandparents and mother were settlers – Walter and Erna Marx and Fern Marx. We went to the museum event in NYC a few years ago and have been to the museum in Sosua – I am surprised you don’t have my family history included here.

    • peter papernik says:

      Hi Jacqui.It is up to the siblings to supply a family story and photos if you have them.All you have to do is get intouch with Sylvia schwarz.

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