Labi – Blum Photo Donation

Foto Donation from the Labi/Codik and the Blum/Codik families


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  1. slseed1969 says:

    In school children picture10Labi School Children, the little girl in the far left with the bow in her hair is my aunt Sofia McGlone (Schwarzbartl).

  2. slseed1969 says:

    Additionally, The woman in Family Reunion picture 17Labi-Blum034 all the way on the right in the gold dress is my grandmother Halina Bartell (Schwarzbartl).

  3. slseed1969 says:

    In Birthday Party 19Labi-Blum038, the woman on the left with the girl in her lap is my grandmother Halina Schwarzbartl (Bartell) and the girl is my aunt Sofia. From the looks of it, she must be pregnant with my mother Jeanette.

  4. susan says:

    Labi Family reunion in Miami.
    Man with glasses, Walter Segall (z’l) and to his right Erika Feld Segall who resides in Caracas Venezuela

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