Arm, Jehuda & Carmen

Jehuda (Joshi) Arm: Born in Novoselitsa, Ukraine      May 13, 1902
Deceased in Sosúa                    December 3, 1962
Carmen Arm: Place and date of birth unknown
Deceased in Sosúa, date unknown




  Children: Edith Gersten nee Arm (from a previous marriage with Elsa Biller), Munisch Ruben, Johnny Jehuda (1947-1974), and Miriam Netti

  Grandchildren: Allan; Evy, Joey, Johnny, Munisch, Jessica and Aaron; Carmen; Jorge Eladio , Carmen Arm.



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6 Responses to Arm, Jehuda & Carmen

  1. allangersten says:

    Children: Edith Gersten nee Arm
    Grandchildren: Allan Gersten (Joshi only), Joey Arm, Evelyn Arm, Johnny Arm, Aaron Arm, Jessica Arm, Jorge Munoz.

  2. allangersten says:

    Grandchildren: Carmen Arm

  3. allangersten says:

    Joshi was born in Novoselitsa, Czechoslovakia

  4. allangersten says:

    Sorry, that’s Novoselitsa in what was Romania and now is Ukraine.

  5. hugnarm says:

    Joschi Arm and Elsa (Biller) had Edith Gersten
    nee Arm who had Allan Gersten.
    Joschi Arm and Carmen had Munisch Ruben, Johnny Jehuda, and Miriam Netti.
    Munisch had Evy, Joey, Johnny, Munisch, Jessica and Aaron
    Johny had Carmen
    Miriam had Carmen and Jorge Eladio

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