Drucker, Wilhelm & Hertha

Wilhelm Drucker: Place and date of birth unknown
Hertha Drucker: Place and date of birth unknown




  Children: Johnny, Unknown

  Grandchildren: Unknown


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  1. guest says:

    There were 2 brothers Drucker. Willie was married to Hertha, and they lived next door to us (Kibels). They had a son Johnny (who was my good friend), and then a daughter, which I can not remember well.
    Willie’s brother was Franz Drucker, who was married but had no children. They lived in San Francisco for many years, until the wife died, and he moved to a retirement home back east, where he died.
    Johnny lived in Seal Beach, CA., but moved, since he was a (carriere) marine. He in his wife (no children) moved to Hawaii, where he retired (I believe also his parents). I don’t know where he moved from there.

  2. laur_n says:

    William and Herta are my Grandparents! Their daughter, Jean, born in the Sosua colony, is my mother 🙂 I’d be happy to provide correct information for the page.


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