Rothenberg, Erich & Frida

Erich Rothenberg: Born in Breslau, Poland       December 25, 1901
Deceased in Sosúa    September 10, 1979
Frieda Rothenberg: Born in Breslau, Poland        September 15, 1908
Deceased in Sosúa     August 20, 1980




  Children: Freddy (11/20/1938 – 1/14/1974)

  Grandchildren: Marcus George, Laurence Emilio

In May 1947, Erich and Frieda Rothenberg arrived in Sosúa after a journey by ship and train from Shanghai, China, along with Frieda’s son, nine-year-old Fredy Nothmann, and her brother Erich Benjamin and his family. They had found refuge from Nazi Germany in Shanghai, along with about 20,000 other European Jews. Frieda had left Breslau in August 1939 with her husband Georg Nothmann and 18-month-old son Fredy, traveling by train to Trieste and then by ship to Shanghai. Georg died from tuberculosis in May 1944. Frieda married a friend from Breslau in early 1947, and thus all three, Frieda, Erich and Fredy, left Shanghai for Sosúa. Erich legally adopted Fredy in 1952.

In 1962, Dr. Alfredo Rothenberg Benjamin (veterinarian) received a World Health Organization Fellowship for graduate study in the United States. He met and married Barbara (Hartstein) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1964, with baby son Marcus, they moved to Santo Domingo where Fredy had a teaching position at the university. Due to the May 1965 revolution,they were evacuated by the U.S. military and returned to the U.S., where Fredy eventually began to work for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Meat and Poultry Inspection, stationed in Boston, Massachusetts. They were transferred to Puerto Rico in May 1972. While living in Puerto Rico, they went on a weekend trip to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, where they were shot in a random, unprovoked attack on January 13, 1974. Fredy, beloved and adored husband, son, and father in the Rothenberg family, died the following morning, January 14. He is sorely missed, and is always in our hearts and minds.
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