Meyerstein, Werner & Ruth

Werner Meyerstein: Born in (unknown) Germany    July 24, 1919
Deceased in Sosúa                  June 5, 2001
Ruth Meyerstein nee Echt: Born in (unknown) Germany




   Children: Kaethe and Edith Selma (From a previous marriage of Werner with Olga Schlesinger),  Evelyn, Hedy

   Grandchildren: Phillip Andrew and Carolyn Anita (From Werner’s first marriage), Benjamin and Ronny


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  1. Eike Dietert says:

    Werner Meyerstein was born in Bremke near Goettingen (Lower Saxony).
    His father Hermann (born in Bremke 26.2.1887 – deceased in Sosúa 3.6.1957) moved to Sosúa too about the year 1939.
    His mother Selma nee Wolffs (born in Aurich / Lower Saxony 31.10.1882 – deceased in Göttingen 30.12.1935) was the last jewish inhabitant buried in Bremke …

  2. Rose Marie says:

    My mother was Werner Meyerstein’s girlfriend when they both fled Germany for England. Her name was Eva Oppenheim. I have a handwritten letter that Werner wrote to my mother on 15th June 1944 in which he describes theAtlantic crossing to the Dominican Republic as well as his activities homesteading. He mentions Kathe and Edith. I would like to send this letter to his daughters . Is there an address ?

  3. Rose Marie says:

    If you want this letter, please e-mail me at I live in Canada

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