Sosúa Anniversaries

Approximately every 10 years the settlers celebrated the establishment of Sosúa. Many settlers who had left would return with their children and grandchildren in order to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of the first Jewish refugees.


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  1. guest says:

    The photo in front of DORSA marked as 40th anniversary<its not the case. This picture was taken early 2000s, at the inauguration of the restoration of the Dorsa building by the administration of the Hotel Victorian House,
    it serves as its reception area, and offices.

  2. guest says:

    The photograph in front of the Casa Grande was taken to celebrate the “Foundation” that Tommy Phillips had established in the name and memory of his parents. I’ve got the statutes somewhere in my files. The photo must have been taken somewhere around late 1987 or 1988. Tommy died in May of 1989. Edith M.

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