About Us

The Sosua Virtual Museum is a non profit and non commercial website. The Museum has been created thanks to the hard work and  economic contributions of the persons acknowledged below.

To contact the Sosua Virtual Museum please email:  info@sosuamuseum.org



Web page design:  Sylvia Schwarz

Web page content : Sylvia Schwarz

Photo caption editing: Sylvia Schwarz, Ruth Cohnen

Web page development:  Miguel Sanchez-Schwarz

Photographic contributions:  Photographic archives of Egon Schwarz. Photo contributions from settlers and settlers’ descendants.

Writing and research:  Sylvia Schwarz,  Ruth Cohnen, Eva Cohnen, Shirley Tauber, Cecil Hess

Content Editing:  Eva Cohnen, Giancarlo Garcia-Schwarz, Shirley Tauber

Donations:  Anonymous, Hella Codik-Blum and Margot Codik-Labi, Jeanette Cohnen,  Ruth Cohnen, Denny Herzberg, Cecil Hess, Franklin Hess, Alma Kibel, Ruth and Evelyn Meyerstein,  Jack Papernik, Fred Rosenzweig, Barbara Rothenberg on behalf of Fredy Rothenberg. Shirley Tauber-Nguyen, Papernik siblings, Yoram Meyer, Barbara Steinmetz, Anonymous

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