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The Sosua Virtual Museum is a non profit and non commercial website. The Museum has been created thanks to the hard work and  economic contributions of the persons acknowledged below.

To contact the Sosua Virtual Museum please email:  info@sosuamuseum.org



Web page design:  Sylvia Schwarz

Web page content : Sylvia Schwarz

Photo caption editing: Sylvia Schwarz, Ruth Cohnen

Web page development:  Miguel Sanchez-Schwarz

Photographic contributions:  Photographic archives of Egon Schwarz. Photo contributions from settlers and settlers’ descendants.

Writing and research:  Sylvia Schwarz,  Ruth Cohnen, Eva Cohnen, Shirley Tauber, Cecil Hess

Content Editing:  Eva Cohnen, Giancarlo Garcia-Schwarz, Shirley Tauber

Donations:  Anonymous, Hella Codik-Blum and Margot Codik-Labi, Jeanette Cohnen,  Ruth Cohnen, Denny Herzberg, Cecil Hess, Franklin Hess, Alma Kibel, Ruth and Evelyn Meyerstein,  Jack Papernik, Fred Rosenzweig, Barbara Rothenberg on behalf of Fredy Rothenberg. Shirley Tauber-Nguyen, Papernik siblings, Yoram Meyer, Barbara Steinmetz, Anonymous

12 Responses to About Us

  1. admin says:

    Thanks to Alma Kibel for the photo contribution.

  2. guest says:

    Hi, this is a very wonderful initiative to be applauded. Sosua is only a virtual reality in our minds, because its not what it once was. So be it, its only fitting that there should exists this virtual museum on line, for everyone else, beside us, to enjoy vicariously these memories for all generations to come.

  3. guest says:

    comment. Hi Sylvia. I want to commend you for the idea of creating this web page and for the effort you have put into it.When you come to florida,I will give you some photos that you may want to use.We have a lot of former Sosuaners in S.Florida,and we will help in identifying some of the unknown faces in the photos.Best regards and good luck with this project.Peter Papernik.

  4. guest says:

    Kol Ha Kavod!!!!!! What a great tribute. I have many pictures and stories . I constantly show them here in Jerusalem, G-D willing I will send you a lot in small increments as I depend on my children and Grandchildren to do the pasting and sending. Enrique de Marchena wrote an article about me after the Yom Kippur war “Israel antes de la guerra, in the Listin Diario , I beleive december 1973. Please keep in touch

  5. dlak says:

    Hello Everyone!
    This is an amazing site, and one I hope to refer to regularly. My mother-in-law, z”l, Julia Lakritz, (Yula Haber). lived in Sosua with her parents and grandmother after suviving in hiding in Poland. I have seen many pictures and videos but would love to speak to someone personally who grew up there.

  6. patti says:

    Hi sylvia
    What a wonderfull tribute, big nostalgia deep down, thanks so much.

    some updates:

    Rosa Reyes(katz) born in Pto.Plata

    Gilad Newman Die

    Teresa Hirschfield Die

    Ilana Newman is Sosua Mayor

    child in Chide on motorcycle is Ada Iris

  7. mrios says:

    Congrats to Sylvia and Mickey. Without your efforts these memories will fade in the time.

  8. Sonichka44 says:

    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if you could give me any information about Rosh Hashanah services in Sosua this year. I will be in the area over the holiday and found evidence of a synagogue that might have a service but cannot find any information at all on whether it might be happening this year or not and how I can attend.

    Any information at all would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you SO much!

    – Sonya

  9. zurich says:

    wow…. This was great for me!

  10. domoracle says:

    Hallo Sylvia,

    felicitationes zur Seite. Das war eine super Idee und ich freue mich,
    dass Du uns olle Dominikaner in Deinem schoenen Amerika nicht
    vergessen kannst.

    Liebe Gruesse

    Dieter Zimmermann

  11. hlora says:

    Hello, although i am a american dominican born i got to this page from another looking at old pictures of santo domingo city and letting you know that this website is historically important and beautiful it brings me good memories of a teache from third second grade i had in new york that arrived to the americas in sosua with her family i will try to scan the anual school picture so maybe someone can identify her.
    Thank you for all that i have seen blessings to all of you that gave sosua what it is today, love and friendship from DR.

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