Bombita, El Choco, La laguna, Bella Vista, Atravezada, La Goleta – Names of the different areas where the settlers farms were located. All were all within 7 miles of El Batey.

Camino Llibre – The road going up the hill towards the cemetery. Settlers also lived along this road.

Chicharrón – Pork cracklings

DORSA (Casa grande) – The DORSA (Dominican Republic Settlement Association) was formed with the assistance of the JDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee), and helped settle Jews in Sosúa, on the northern coast. Settlers called the building that housed the DORSA Casa grande (big house).

El Batey – The main area of Sosúa where most of the settlers lived. The Batey was located on the east side of the beach.

Guanabana – Soursop fruit

Limoncillo – A lychee like fruit

Los Charamicos – Dominican town located on the west side of the beach.

Los Pilotillos – Large cement pillars located on the east side of the beach. Originally built to help load small barges of bananas for the United Fruit Company.

Rafael Leonidas TrujilloDominican Dictator from 1930 – 1961. As a result of the Evian Conference, held in 1938 in Evian-les-Bains, France, he agreed to accept 100,000 Jewish refugees in the Dominican Republic.  He donated 26,000 acres of his property for settlements.  The Dominican Republic was the only country to agree to accept a significant number of Jews.  ( )

Tamarindo – Tamarind






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