Sosúa photos donated by Steve Walter

Susi Arzt’s sister and parents emigrated to the Dominican Republic in 1938. They chose the Dominican Republic because it was the first country to approve their visa. The Arzt family lived in the Arzobispo Portes street in Ciudad Trujillo were they had a “pension”  subsidized by the DORSA. Several newly arrived Holocaust survivors, such as  Eli Topf, lived at the Arzt home for short periods of time before relocating to Sosúa. In 1942, Susi landed a teaching job in Sosúa. While teaching at Sosúa, she met her husband, Milan Freundlich, who was one of the first Sosúa settlers. He arrived at the settlement together with his brother, Ossie. Milan and Susi got married in 1945 and emigrated to New York City in 1947. Milan passed away in 1951 in New York. Susi remarried years later and had two children.

Steve Walter, Susi’s son, kept his mother’s photos boxed away for years, not knowing what the photos, travel literature, and postcards were. We already showed a portion of Steve’s collection in our exposition “La Capital” – Ciudad Trujillo in the 1940s.
The Sosúa Virtual Museum is proud to offer Steve Walter’s personal photograph collection.




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