Our Mission is to keep alive the memory of Sosúa, a safe haven for those who escaped the Nazi persecution.

The people who fled Nazi Europe and settled in Sosúa, Dominican Republic, not only escaped or survived the tragedies of the Holocaust, but were able to raise happy families and become a self-sufficient community with strong economic development. Despite their disappointment at having to flee the countries they called home, they created a community for themselves and for their children in which farming, education, religious life, business and entertainment flourished. This left an indelible, positive imprint on all those around them, and gave hope to the very survivors who had lost all they knew and cherished.  It is with the greatest respect, admiration and love that we establish the Sosúa Virtual Museum, to keep the memories alive not only of the settlers who lived in Sosúa, but also all of the sites, buildings, and activities that made Sosúa a wonderful place for the survivors and their children, and an example for the world.



The Sosúa Virtual Museum is a commercial-free website, with information and photographs contributed by the settlers’ descendants.  Egon Schwarz’s  archival photo collection was instrumental in the construction of this website.

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