Teatro Sosúa (Movie Theater)

In the early years of the settlement, the settlers were able to participate in plays and attend movies. Originally, this type of entertainment took place at the DORSA office building, but as settlers started moving out of Sosύa the barracks became available. The movie theater was moved to one of the barracks, and now, for the first time, settlers were able to watch movies in English with subtitles in Spanish, as well as Spanish-speaking movies from Mexico or Argentina.

Movie presentations were available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday afternoon was matinee time for the children. Parents generally gave the children 15 cents to attend the matinee. This amount of money allowed for both the entrance to the theater and the only treat available, freshly roasted peanuts, which cost 5 cents for a small cup. The children looked forward to these Sunday outings and no one ever missed a movie. It was the highlight of the week. Movies like the Tarzan series with actor Johnny Weissmuller were offered. Also most of the movies with Liz Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, Tony Curtis, Brigitte Bardot, John Wayne, Cantinflas and many other stars of the time were offered.

Cine Sosύa acquired a big screen to present all the movies in “CinemaScope” and “Technicolor.” Eventually, Felix Koch was in charge of the movie theater. After some time, the movies were moved back to the DORSA building, when the barracks were reclaimed for other uses. Sadly, by that time the only shows were on Saturday night, but the entire town attended and most of the settlers invariably sat in the same seat every week. It was considered bad form to sit in someone else’s seat, and the elderly patrons had no compunction in moving the interlopers.


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