Teller Kurt & Elfi

Kurt Teller:Born in Vienna, Austria      Feb 9, 1919
Deceased in Los Angeles CA,         January 5, 2018
Elfi Teller nee BlamBorn in Vienna, Austria     December 9 1929

 Children:  Giselle (Gigi), Michelle (Mimi)


Born in Vienna on Feb. 9, 1919, Kurt escaped to a Swiss refuge camp in August 1938. In January 1941, Kurt moved to Sosua. After four years of farming life, Kurt moved to Ciudad Trujillo, working for Bull Lines, an American shipping company that serviced the Caribbean islands. 
Kurt often lectured Austrian and European history and culture to groups of Jewish youth at a community center. That is where he met my mom Elfi Blam. They married in 1948 and in 1950 moved to the United States, settling in Los Angeles in 1951. They had two daughters, Giselle (Gigi) and Michelle (Mimi). 
Curt (changed spelling when he moved to the US) passed away peacefully at his home in Valley Village, CA, from heart failure on January 5, 2018. He is survived by his wife Elfi and two daughters, all live near Los Angeles. 
Curt and Elfi remained life-long friends with Fritz Philippsborn and Vera Hahn, who married and settled nearby in Burbank, CA. Vera passed away in January 1999, and Fritz passed in February 2011. They are survived by their son Ron in Seattle WA and their daughter Jane, in Pasadena, CA.  Vera’s sister Lily still lives near Chicago, IL.


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