Update 10/10/2011

Since the last update we have received pictures and documents from Margot Labi, Barbara Wagner, Hermine Kohn, Ruth Cohnen, Cecil Hess.  Also your comments on the website helped us to updated pages. A BIG thanks and thumbs up for them. Please continue to send us pictures and comments.

Thanks to the new photos we were able to update the following “Site” pages:
Group Photos, Colmado Sosúa, Unknown Settlers, Miscellaneous Photos, Religious/Social events, Sosua Beach, Health Services, Sosúa in the news, Barracks, Sosúa Park.

Also updates have been made to the following settlers pages: Arnoldi Moses&Margaretha, Cohnen Alfred&Grete, Codik Bruno&Irma, Hess Luis&Ana Julia, Kohn Erich&Hermine, Kohn Victor&Sarah, Papernick Julius&Esther, Robitschek Walter, Schwarz Egon&Hilde, Yatzkan Moses&Ella,

We want to remind everybody about the Sosúa Reunion in Miami, FL, November 11, 12.

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