• Teller, Kurt(December 1940)
  • Sondheimer, Miriam (July 1941)
  • Bruck, Dr ( Surgeon gave math and science lessons in the school)
  • PFerran, Mr. (Taught at the Sorbonne gave liberal arts lessons in the school)
  • Bauer, Felix (Art and music teacher in Vienna and later in the US gave music and art classes)
  • Steinmetz, (rabi)
  • Sichel, Max
  • Morsel, Marec
  • Martha Mondschein ( Born in Cologne, Germany was a nurse, Married Felix Bauer in Sosua. Had a son Boris and a daughter Linda. She and husband Felix Bauer left sosua in 1946
  • Person C
  • Person C
  • Person C

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